Blog Loosing Traffic? Here’s a 3-Step Blueprint to Rebound

This 3-Step Pocket Fattening Blueprint To Blog Your Way To Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

Aerosmith Eat Your Heart Out…

LOL… well let’s leave the drugs out of the equation… I got a wee bit carried away.

But I hope you are going bonkers on the inside, your excitement level is sky high and your adrenaline is pumping for the Empower Network Blog!

Because it’s the real deal like Evander Holyfield, and can take you from being broke.

To a world traveling money making machine within the time span of just a few months.

Blogging blesses you with the POWER to drop your passions and your expertise into an article and literally make your piggy bank overflow!

Scared you’re not a NY Times Best Selling Author? No skills necessary.

You can have absolutely ZERO writing experience and still get your articles seen by thousands of people who will BUY what you’re selling.

That’s the potential you have in the palms of your hands for being a part of the most powerful online marketing COMMUNITY in the world.

And I speak in the language of FACTS and not opinion.

Don’t take my word for it… take a look for yourself.

Go to, and type in:, and click search… and BOOM!!!

As of this moment, it is the 173rd most popular site in the USA.

And just so you can understand the importance of the knowledge I’m dropping…. is more powerful and popular than, and

And by using the Empower Network Blog… you have the capability to piggyback off their power and popularity and sky rocket your website to the 1st page of Google.

That is why businesses from every industry are using the Empower Network Blog platform.

I’m talking ALL types of businesses, from- Real Estate, Testosterone Supps, Business Brokers, Finance Companies, Sales Training… to MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and more.

So let me show you how to take advantage of the top money making platform today to gain internet fame and big money fortune.

I’m about to lay down the Top 3 Empower Network Blog Money Making Principles.

Empower Network Blog Money Making Principle #1- P.O.P.

The first and most important step to blogging for success online is to identify the Pocket of People you want to target.

Unfortunately, most Empower Network leaders who are focused on growing their bank accounts and not yours, will tell you otherwise.

In my opinion that is reckless business advice.

They recommend blogging about anything and everything.

I’m talking literally anything from killa’ food recipes you made for dinner last week to the tv shows you love on prime time.

Seriously?! Dead serious. I mean, is that business advice you want to take?

Do you really think that people seeking out dynamite food recipes to make for their family later that night, have any interest in starting a business from home or buying products to get their business in front of BUYERS?

Excuse my French ladies and gentlemen, but HELL NO!

It is essential that you identify a Pocket of People who would be interested in buying Empower Network Products or have interest in starting a home based business.

And you accomplish this by targeting keywords that people are currently searching for who either want products to get their current business in front of BUYERS on the internet….

Or keywords that target people searching for a home based business.

So let me throw some bomb diggity ideas your way… and there are way more than these… but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take one and use it…

work at home

home based business

make money online

mlm companies

network marketing

empower network

affiliate marketing

sales training

business for sale

business leads

sales jobs

That’s just a few.

What I am attempting to illustrate for you to internalize is that your target market for your blog NEEDS TO BE…

prospects who will be interested in either Empower Network products or the Empower Network opportunity.

Empower Network Blog Money Making Principle #2- Dominate Your Niche Keywords

Let’s cut straight to the chase.

In step 1… you identified your P.O.P.

Now we are going to straight DOMINATE EVERYTHING that has to do with your keyword.

Before I dig a lil’ deeper, allow me to demonstrate.

Let’s say that the keyword you chose is: Sales Training.

And for the record I HIGHLY ADVISE you take this keyword or one of those above.

Sales Training is a money making keyword and P.O.P. to target because most sales professionals are entrepreneurial in their nature and are self motivated.

They’re always looking for opportunities to make their paycheck have more digits.

And most work on a commission only basis.

So if you offered these sales professionals the opportunity to increase their paycheck by giving them a lead generation system that will get their business products and services in front of BUYERS on Google.

And a platform where they can use their talents and skills in sales to resell the products… do you think they would be interested?!

Without a shadow of a doubt they would!!!

I’m a former Sales Professional myself. I KNOW!!!

And the primary reason you target the keyword Sales Training, is because these are Sales Professionals who have their wallets out and are ready to BUY.

They are at this moment taking the initiative to seek out training help to increase their paycheck.

They are primed and ready to go, and have a need that you can fill for them.

So here is how you would DOMINATE the keyword:

professional sales training

mortgage sales training

real estate sales training

insurance sales training

sales training on how to close the sale

sales training courses

sales training videos

sales training seminars

All you’re doing here is utilizing every possible variation of your keyword. Simple right?!

Now… if you have zero experience in any of these fields, I’m bout to break down how you can become an expert real quick.

Empower Network Blog Money Making Principle #3: Copy And Paste

No way on earth it can really be that possible. Right?!

Ehhh… I’ll show you how easy it really is.

First, you put on your research cap, take an adderall or brain supp and lock down either an article or video for the keyword and subject your about to write about.

It is a MUST that you take notes and write down the most important key factors.

Then take the education that you just received and write an article where in your own words you describe what you just learned.

Wham… Bam… Thank You Ma’am!

Now ask me that question again, “can it really be that easy?”


It’s called COPYWRITING. And not only is it LEGAL… but it’s EFFECTIVE.

Here’s the deal.

If you have dope writing ability, and have experience and wisdom about the topic you are talking about…

Then I absolutely recommend you write from personal experience.

But what I am trying to beat into your skull is that YOU DON’T NEED TO BE AN EXPERT to make money blogging.

It’s as easy as choosing a P.O.P. to target… identifying every keyword variation possible… and research an article or video about the keyword subject… and write what you just learned in your own words.

And with the power of the Empower Network Blog… your article has the potential to be seen by thousands and thousands of people every day.

And when these readers search for your keywords, and click on your site and read the article…

The Empower Network Blog will take care of the rest.

It is the most effective and efficient lead sucking machine.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested by Empower Network into research to design a blog that is both appealing to the reader, and converts the reader into a lead by giving them every incentive to opt-in for more information.

And when they do it takes them through a professional marketing funnel, where the person who clicked will be taken to a page where they will exchange their email address for a free video detailing an opportunity on how to make thousands and thousands of dollars online with just a $25 investment.

And here’s the kicker- PEOPLE will buy!!!

And for those visitors that choose not to at the moment.

They go into your email auto-responder system where you have access to email them about the Empower Network Products and Opportunity.

And according to online marketing statistics- after 7-10 times on average, these people who said NO at first, will drop their defenses and BUY!!!

And with the Empower Network compensation plan, you get 100% commissions on every sale.

That ranges from a $25 commission to a $4,625 commission.

All because you wrote one teeny weeny simple article.

Do you see the POWER you have at your disposal!!!

And that my friends… is the Empower Network Blog.

If you’re a virgin to the world of blogging… or an experienced internet marketing veteran.

I hope my 3 Empower Network Blog Principles give you the ammunition you need to make an incredible living from writing simple articles.

And to check out the Empower Network Blog in action, and learn further why not only is it so powerful and popular now, but how it’s going to have an even bigger impact in the near future.

If you have any questions or comments, leave em’ below and I will get back at you.



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