What is Empower Network and How does it Work?

If you are reading this, chances empower networkare that you have heard about Empower Network and you want to verify what you have heard. However, if this is the first time you are hearing about the business opportunity, keep calm. This article will explain everything that you need to know about Empower Network.

People have very differing opinions about the online business opportunity presented by Empower Network. Some opinions are positive. Some are quite controversial and not so positive. That is expected of any business opportunity that is able to create as much buzz as Empower Network has created.

So. What is the truth about Empower Network? What is it and just what does it do?


The Empower Network Blogging System is an online business opportunity and training program for entrepreneurs that was founded slightly over 3 years ago. In layman terms, Empower Network is an online-based Multilevel Marketing company that provides online courses designed at helping people build successful internet businesses.

Empower Network also provides webpreneurs with the tools and resources needed to create profitable online ventures. The information and resources offered by Empower Network can be used to start any form of online business. The company also offers members a chance to resell their products and earn hefty commissions from it. You should really check out the Empower Network affiliate program. It is one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Here is a breakdown of the products offered by Empower Network.

• A viral blogging platform
There is no doubt that content is at the heart of internet marketing, and blogging is the one of the most effective ways to publish content. Empower Network offers a blogging platform for your business that comes ready for marketing. The blog is both optimized for lead generation and search engine ranking. Honestly, instead of paying a designer to do your blog, I would recommend getting a ready-made one from Empower Network.
Recently, the company also added training on how to make your blog really work for you. It is a great 90-step action plan that will transform your blog into the most powerful sales force that you never had.

• Inner Circle Membership
The Inner Circle Membership is one of the most effective mindset training for entrepreneurs. It consists of highly motivational audio recordings from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

• Top Producer Formula
The Top Producer Formula is a series of video footage that teaches how you can become the top producer in your industry, get more customers into your business and increase profits. It is taught by prolific IM.

• Team Building Formula
Success in almost all areas of life depends on your ability to coordinate people who can work together as one team. Team building skills are especially the lifeline of a career in MLM. Empower Network’s Team Building Formula shows you how you can apply team building laws into your business.

• Mass Influence Formula
Very few business opportunities teach on the role that power and influence play in building successful business empires, and this is where Empower Network is different from a lot of other opportunities. The Mass Influence formula shows you exactly how to not only get the donkey to the well but also how to make it drink.”

If you were looking for a reason to join Empower Network, look no further than the Mass Influence Formula. You can use the knowledge acquired from the training in all spheres of your life from dealing effectively with your children and spouse to influencing your customer’s buying decisions.

Empower Network Compensation Plan
Like it is with many other MLM products, Empower Network has a compensation plan for its members. You will be compensated for products that members who join Empower Network through you purchase. Since Empower Network deals with digital products, the company is able to give members 100% commissions on all their sales.

The earning potential in the network is huge and suited to both IM beginners and pros as well. If you have not yet checked it out, now is time to do.

Do Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Ingredients Actually Work?

Jeunesse Global is a network marketing company that strives to incorporate science, technology and the most effective marketing strategies to potentially breakthrough to a skin care selling sensation with their coveted product Instantly Ageless.

This sets Jeunesse Global apart from other traditional network-marketing firms. Although it is based in US, the company has grown to a multinational company with offices in Europe, Asian countries and Africa. The company strives to ensure its customers achieve a healthy lifestyle with a youthful look by using a range of products which are scientifically developed to help body cells experience longevity and renewal for a bright youthful look.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn commissions from this growing MLM company in the following ways:

  • -Selling its products directly to customers while earning retail profit.
  • -Being a member of a team earns you team commissions.
  • -Introducing a new customer qualifies you to earn a commission called new customer acquisition Bonus or incentive.
  • -As a team leader you are entitled to a bonus.

Let’s break down and review Instantly Ageless skin care product and the rest of Jeunesse’s in-demand product line.

Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless Review

instantly ageless by jeunesseJeunesse Global prides itself in selling uniquely designed natural skin care products that not only help aging individuals remain youthful but also helps young people maintain a vibrant and radiant skin. The company deals with 3 main products:

  • – Luminesce personal care product is popular with customers due to its skin rejuvenation power
  • – Instantly Ageless product is another popular brand known for its ability to fight wrinkles instantly as well as stop wrinkles from developing.
  • – Zen Body is another popular brand known to capture and bring back youthful energy among its users.

These products have been tested and tried through numerous research and tests to ensure they are safe, of unquestionable quality and effective before being released into the market. Thus, the products have a 100% guarantee to deliver what is expected.

Of course their newest and best product is Instantly Ageless and has caught attention from all walks of life and media outlets all over the world.

How Did Instantly Ageless Start

Wendy Lewis and Randy Rey in Orlando Florida founded the Jeunesse Global company in 2010.

Since inception, the company’s main objective was to bridge the gap between science and marketing. The company’s main priority was to gain entry into international platforms as well as expansion domestically.

This was achieved by marketing through word of mouth thus creating a channel of distribution composed of efficient distributors dealing with high quality products.

Today, the company has been identified as one of the fastest growing companies in the area of direct selling Association in the US. The annual sales are estimated at over 280 million dollars with more than 125% increment every year since 2013. Jeunesse Global has over 500,000 employees serving in its 35 offices located in over 100 countries, allegedly.

And one could expect the success to continue to grow with the famously popular Instantly Ageless micro-skin care cream and serums.

Benefits of Jeunesse Global Products

Each product in the company’s product line is associated with its unique benefits to the customers. However, general benefits of Jeunesse products include:

-Ensures healthy metabolism is maintained

-Ensures resistance to oxidative stress thus reducing premature aging

-Boost energy levels

-Supports your body’s health joint function

-Contains fatty acids essential for digestions

Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum

This is one of the most popular products of Jeunesse Global aside from Instantly Ageless. It is known for its silky serum, which gives it capacity to encourage highest level of cell growth and renewal. The cellular serum contains ingredients enhancing skin rejuvenation and renewal making Luminesce a top anti aging product.

The benefits of this product include:

-Fighting wrinkles
-Provides youthful look to the skin
-It maintains smooth texture on skin
-Replenishes proteins on the skin
-Helps fight appearance of discolored skin tones

If you are looking for a suitable skin care line for daily use, Jeunesse could be of help.

Before buying any product, try to connect with a representative to see what serum is best according to your skin type.

How to Deal With DS Domination Income & Sales Tax

If you’re a DS Domination team player and you’re wondering how to deal with sales tax, here’s a quick and handy tax guide for DS Domination members who’ve made money in the drop shipping business.

Drop Shipping & DS Domination

Drop shipping is used by an ever-increasing body of retailers who find it easier not to have to deal with inventory, warehousing, and custom products which are hard to keep in stock. According to this popular DS Domination review, members facilitate drop shipping by negotiating connections between several online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, CostCo and more.

Many of the retail businesses who make use of the convenience of drop shipping are small businesses that don’t have much space for large amounts of inventory. Shipping costs for the consumer are also often reduced as a result of using drop shipping methods. Everybody wins, including the DS Domination representative who makes it all happen.

Taxes & DS Domination

While everyone wins because of convenience and cost effectiveness, the tax implications can sound quite confusing and scary. Considering sales tax and in some cases “use tax”, there are some details every DS Domination player should learn, or else risk issues with the IRS or with their state government come tax time.

If you take an order from a customer in a state with which you are registered, you as the retailer are required to collect sales tax on that transaction. Similar to the Four Corners Alliance shipping plan, if your shipper is registered in the state where the customer resides (i.e. where the package is being delivered), then in some cases the shipper must pay.

What State Do You Live In?

As a DS Domination seller, you become the retailer in any online transaction. So, if you’re selling to someone in your own state, then theoretically you are supposed to collect sales tax from that customer.

Likewise, even if you’re not selling to someone in your own state, your shipper might be registered in the buyer’s state, in which case they’ll be looking to collect. Your shipping price might need to be increased, to cover that shipper’s sales and use tax.

It all depends on what state you’re dealing with. Each state has its own theory on how sales tax with online sales should be treated. There are at 7 states where the shipper has the responsibility to collect sales and use tax: Wisconsin, Tennessee, Nebraska, Nevada, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and California.

Often the way it works is the drop shipping company (UPS?) will charge you, the seller, for the sales & use tax. You would recover your costs in the appropriate manner from your customer (“shipping & handling charges”).

Someone Pays, No Matter What

Remember, someone pays the tax, no matter what. The “business relationship” with a particular state is called “nexus”. If you have just a warehouse in a state, then you have nexus with that state. When you sell to someone there, you’ll have to pay sales tax. If you don’t have any business relationship with the state in which your customer resides, you’re off the hook as far as sales and use tax go. That means it’s the customer’s responsibility.